Folles souris 2021 Folles souris 2021

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la tenue de la 4ème édition du colloque « Les Folles Souris Nantaises », qui aura lieu dans le grand amphithéâtre de la faculté de Pharmacie (rue Bias), le 30 Novembre prochain (de 9.00 à 17.00). Le programme avec les horaires est téléchargeable ici. L'inscription est gratuite mais obligatoire (places limitées) avant le 02 Novembre 2021/> Ce colloque s'adresse aux chercheurs statutaires, post-doctorants, aux doctorants, et tout le personnel des services supports concernés. La participation à cette journée compte pour la formation continue en expérimentation animale.

Gildas Rethoré HDR of Gildas Rethoré

Gildas defended his HDR on December 7th, 2021 at 2.00 pm

DevStem Devstem

The DEVSTEM meeting took place on October 5th, 2021 at 10.00 am (Room 1 - Dental Faculty). Presentations of N. Provin & C. Harly

Fete de la science Fete de la Science 2021

As every year, the RMeS laboratory participated in the Science Festival. This year, the national theme was "the emotion of discovery". This national event took place from October 1 to 11.

Marielle Garcia Marielle Garcia

Marielle is trainee assistant engineer. She will work on the evaluation of the activity of extracellular vesicles on the cells of the intervertebral disc.
She joined our unit on September 1st 2021
Her supervisors are Catherine Le Visage & Paul Humbert

IFRO New funding by IFRO for HOTSPOT (Heterogeneity of OsteoclasT precursorS in PeriodOnTitis)

The REGOS team of the INSERM UMR_S 1229 RMeS laboratory is pleased to announce that the HOTSPOT project has been funding by the IFRO (Institut Français pour la Recherche Odontologique) 2021 grant. HOTSPOT will be coordinated by Alexandra Cloitre (INSERM UMR_S 1229 RMeS) and will be carried out with Frederic Blanchard (INSERM UMR_S 1238, Phy-OS) with the support of Emilie Hascoët, Julien De Lima and Philippe Lesclous. HOTSPOT aims to identify and characterize inflammatory osteoclast precursors in gingiva from periodontitis patients. These cells may contribute to the alveolar bone loss and, in fine to dental loss associated to periodontitis.

nora bouhsina Congratulations to Nora Bouhsina for her PhD Defense !

Nora defended her thesis on September 21th, 2021 at 2.00 pm (Amphi Ricordeau)
Titre: Contribution au développement de nouvelles techniques d’imagerie pour la détection précoce de la dégénérescence discale dans un contexte de médecine régénératrice
Directeur de thèse: Johann Clouet - Co-directeur : Marion Fusellier

Justine Parisse Justine Parisse

Justine is trainee assistant engineer. She will work on the encapsulation of extracellular vesicles (EVs)
She joined our unit on September 1st 2021
Her supervisors are Pierre Guihard and Pierre Weiss

Olivier G Prof. Olivier Gauthier elected Trustee of the AO Foundation

Professor Olivier Gauthier has been elected "Trustee" of the AO Foundation, a prestigious organization in the world of human and veterinary orthopedics. Congratulations Olivier!


Lena is Engineer. She will work on the BILIPOX and LFC projects
She joined our unit on August 16th 2021
Her supervisors are Alexis Gaudin et Pierre Weiss

V. Delplace Admission of Vianney Delplace for a permanent researcher position at Inserm

RMeS lab is pleased to announce the admission of V. Delplace to the competitive recruitement for a permanent researcher position at Inserm. Bringing in a strong expertise in chemistry and biomedical engineering, he will develop innovative bioprinting technologies for joint-on-a-chip design and novel biomaterial-assisted cell therapy strategies for osteoarthritis treatment. Congratulations Vianney!

FPA Award for J. Guicheux

STEP team is happy to announce that Jerome Guicheux recently received the « Jean Bayle-Lespiteau » Achievement Award from the «Fondation de l’Avenir » (FDA). We are very grateful to FDA board and those who nominated him. STEP team has worked with this health research and innovation dedicated foundation for almost 20 years. This Award is a high honor and also a tribute to the alumni and current members of the STEP team that contribute to make our research a source of hope for patients with joint diseases. A video presenting the activities of the STEP team was filmed on this occasion.

Arnaud Eyraud Arnaud Eyraud

Arnaud is Assistant Engineer. He will be the administrative coordinator and human resources of the unit
He joined our unit on July 1th 2021
His supervisor is Jérôme Guicheux

Marie astrid Marie-Astrid Boutet

Marie-Astrid is post-doc. She will work on the understanding of the pathogenic role of synovial macrophages during osteoarthritis
She joined our unit on February 15th 2021
Her supervisors are Claire Vinatier & Jérôme Guicheux

ATIP AVENIR Selection of M.A. Boutet in program ATIP-Avenir 2021

Marie-Astrid Boutet, currently a postdoc in Claire Vinatier’s group (STEP team), has been selected for the competitive program Inserm/CNRS ATIP-Avenir 2021. Her StratOA group will investigate the diversity of synovial macrophages in osteoarthritis. Congratulations Marie-Astrid !


The DEVSTEM meeting took place on July 6, 2021 in Amphi Landais (Dental Faculty) & via visioconference. Presentations of Jean-baptiste Dupont & Valentin Francois-Campion et Jérome Jullien. Keywords : H2AK119Ub, sperm, early embryogenesis, transcriptomics, epigenetics, polycomb repressive comple

New fundings from SFR

SFR (Société Française de Rhumatologie) has decided to fund 2 RMeS projects : METABONE, led by Dr Sarah Beck-Cormier which aims to understand the role of the PiT2/SLC20A2 protein in bone pathologies associated with metabolic abnormalities & SPHERODISC led by Dr Anne CAMUS. This project aims to characterize the cellular interactions regulating disc tissue homeostasis in a human stem cell-derived organoid model. These investigations will contribute to the discovery of symptom-modifying factors or new therapeutic targets and in the long term to the emergence of innovative treatments that should bring strong benefits to patient with back pain and age-related intervertebral disc diseases.

Maud Maud Viallon

Maud is post-doc. She will work on a multidisciplinary project whose central theme is biopolymers and biomaterials with application in medicine/health.
She joined our unit on February 1, 2021
Her supervisor is Pierre Weiss

Emmaëlle Emmaëlle Carrot

Emmaëlle is a M2 Student. She will work on the bioprinting of an intervertebral disc.
She joined our unit on February 1, 2021
Her supervisor is Catherine Le Visage

James Muncey James Muncey

James is a M2 Student. He will work on the development and biological characterization of a bio-printed synovia model as a basis for the design of mini-joint and in vitro osteoarthritis models
He joined our unit on February 1, 2021
His supervisor is Vianney Delplace

Benoit Bodic Congratulations to Benoit Bodic for his PhD Defense !

Benoit defended his thesis on March 24th, 2021 at 2.00 pm
Amélioration des propriétés anti-arthrosiques des MSC: développement de nouvelles méthodes
Directeur de thèse: J. Guicheux - Co-directeur : F. Djouad (IRMB, Montpellier)

Alban PhD Defense of Alban Fouasson-Chailloux

Alban defended his thesis on April 9th, 2021 at 2.00 pm (salle de conférence de l'hôpital st Jacques)
Title: Arthropathies et Analyse du Mouvement - Arthrose et Arthropathie Hémophilique
Directeur de thèse: Y. Maugars - Co-directeur : F. Rannou

Florent Autrusseau Congratulations to Florent Autrusseau for his HDR !

Florent defended his HDR on February 3rd, 2021 at 2.00 pm
Titre: Perception des images numériques, de la sécurité des contenus à l’analyse des images médicales

sport en france Interview of J. Guicheux on the channel "Sport en France"

Jérôme Guicheux participated on February 12 to a program on the channel "Sport en France". He spoke on the programme "Sport, Health & Technology" and answered very general questions about low back pain and research carried out by RMeS

nuit blanche chercheurs Nuit Blanche des Chercheurs (Feb 11th, 2021)

RMeS has participated in the "Nuit Blanche des Chercheurs" by offering a workshop on regenerative medicine. You can replay it on the link : Workshops (from 1h34)

RMes recruits its assistant in administrative management

The candidate will be responsible for performing multi-functional administrative acts. Position profile

The DEVSTEM meeting took place on March 16, 2021 at 10.00 am via visioconference. Presentations of Lily Paillat & Nicolas Vedrenne

regenhu RegenHU's latest 3D bioprinter is in the RMeS lab!

Can't wait to explore the possibilities of this technological gem for all our bioprinting applications!

Prix Johann J. Clouet has received a grant from the "Fondation d'Entreprise Grand Ouest"

We are pleased to announce that Johann CLOUET, PU-PH at RMeS, has received a €5,000 grant from the "Fondation d'Entreprise Grand Ouest" for his NEMESIS project: "Nanoparticles Engineering for MiRNA Encapsulation in Skeletal Innovative Science".

Fellows 2020 P. Weiss becomes a Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (FBSE)

P. Weiss is really proud to become a Fellow of Biomaterials Science and Engineering (FBSE). He thanks the World Biomaterial organization, the European Society for Biomaterials, the French society Biomat and the colleagues who nominated him. It will be his pleasure to help the community with this new mission..

Congratulations to Giulia Frangi for her PhD Defense !

Giulia defended her thesis on December 15th, 2020 at 2.00 pm

Study of the role of PiT2 at the interface between bone and adipose tissues

Directeur de thèse: S. Beck - Co-directeur : L. Beck

Congratulations to Audrey Smith for her PhD Defense !

Audrey defended her thesis on November 10th, 2020 at 2.00 pm

Cellules stromales mésenchymateuses encapsulées dans des microparticules d'alginate : conception et évaluation de leur potentiel anti-arthrosique après injection intra-articulaire chez le lapin

Directeur de thèse: C. Le Visage - Co-directeur : J. Guicheux

Samuel Mandin Samuel Mandin

Samuel is a M2 Student. He will work on a new bioink and a new biopaper (recipient substrate), based on the use of hyaluronic silanised acid, to promote bone regeneration by LAB in situ

He will join our unit on January 25th 2021
His supervisors are Fatima Fneich and Pierre Weiss

Jeremy Brogard Jérémy Brogard

Jérémy is a M2 Student. He will work on 3D bioprinting of mini-joint models

He joined our unit on January 11th 2021
His supervisors are Catherine Le Visage & Pierre Tournier

evendo EVENDO project

The REGOS team of the Inserm U1229-RMeS laboratory is pleased to announce that the EVENDO project won the European Society of Endodontics (ESE) Annual Research Grant 2020. The EVENDO project will be hosted in the research laboratory Inserm U1229 and will be coordinated by Alexis Gaudin with the support of Angelique Galvani, Valerie Geoffroy, Davy Aubeux, Solène Tessier, Pierre Weiss, and Fabienne Pérez. The specific goal of “EVENDO” project is to carry out a detailed characterization of extracellular vesicles derived from primed dental mesenchymal stem cells (pDMSC-EVs) to investigate their involvement as modulators of mesenchymal stem cells anti-inflammatory effects inducing macrophage polarization and to explore whether these pDMSC-EVs may become a valuable tool for promoting dental pulp regeneration.

Paul Humbert Paul Humbert

Paul is post-doctorant. He will work on the project ExcellDisc

He joined our unit on January 4th 2021
His supervisor is Catherine Le Visage

Gabriel Rouau Gabriel Rouau

Gabriel is a M2 Student. He will work on the use of the intravenous route to promote bone regeneration of the irradiated mandible

He joined our unit on January 4th 2021
His supervisors are Florent Espitalier, Valérie Geoffroy & Angélique Galvani

Congratulations to Cyril d'Arros for his PhD Defense !

Cyril defended his thesis on October 2nd, 2020

Développement d'un substitut osseux hautement malléable et cohésif, un nouveau concept de matrice pour la régénération osseuse

Directeur de thèse: O. Malard - Co-directeur : G. Daculsi

Ségolène Ségolène Reiss

Ségolène is a M2 Student. She will work on the assessment of bone neoformation in Vivo of 3D printed implants

She joined our unit on January 4th 2021
Her supervisors are Arnaud Paré & Pierre Weiss

Maeva Maëva Dutilleul

Maëva is an assistant engineer. She will work on histology platform

She joined our unit on January 4th 2021
Her supervisors are Pierre Weiss & Julie Lesoeur

Julie Julie Warin

Julie is a M2 Student. She will work on development and regeneration of the intervertebral disc

She joined our unit on January 4th 2021
Her supervisor is Anne Camus