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Catherine LEVISAGE

Research Director INSERM Deputy Head Inserm U1229 - Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton (RMeS) Group leader "HEAL: Hydrogels and joint regeneration"

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INSERM UMR 1229, Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton, RMeS, School of Dental Surgery, University of Nantes, 1 Place Ricordeau - 44300 Nantes France

0240412984 (n° interne : 312984)
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Research topics

Hydrogels and joint microenvironment

To reproduce the complex 3 dimensional (3D) microenvironment experienced by cells in vivo, we have selected hydrogels, i.e complex networks of hydrophilic crosslinked polymers, for their similarity with the extracellular matrix of tissues. Our research is focused on natural, bioresorbable and non-immunogenic polysaccharides that are already commercialized for medical applications. We investigate hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (cotton), pullulan (yeast fermentation), alginate (seaweed) and hyaluronic acid (bacterial fermentation) to design innovative hydrogels with tunable porosity and network diffusion parameters. Using various fabrication techniques, we develop chemically cross-linked hydrogels with complex architectures, tunable viscoelasticity and desired ability to mediate cellular activities through the spatial and temporal presentation of biological cues. We investigate hydrogels as i) biofabrication tools for the development of in vitro models and ii) carriers of cells, extracellular vesicles or bioactive molecules for bio-inspired delivery strategies in cartilage and intervertebral disc regeneration.

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Online CV


Deputy Director. Regenerative Medicine and Skeleton (RMeS) Laboratory, Nantes, France


Research Director. National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Nantes, France


Senior Research Scientist. National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Paris, France


Young Investigator Fellow. National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Paris, France


Research Associate. Biomedical Engineering Dept, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA


Postdoctoral position. Biomedical Engineering Dept, Johns Hopkins - Advisor: Pr. K. Leong


Ph.D. Student. University Paris 11, Paris, France - Advisor: Pr. P. Couvreur 


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Recent publications
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