Our laboratory has set up and harbors 4 technical platforms equiped with large and medium-size equipment and managed by dedicated core lab technical staff.

SC3M: electron Microscopy, Microcharacterization and functional Morphohistology and imaging

(Scientific coordinator: J. Guicheux ; Deputy scientific coordinator: C. Vinatier ; Technical coordinators: J. Veziers and J. Lesoeur)

This core facility gathers in one location large equipments for transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron-probe by EDX energy dispersion, microtomography, confocal microscopy and FTIR mapping, as well as equipment for histology sample preparation (ultramicrotomy, critical point apparatus, cryomicrotome, gold/palladium sputtering, carbon sputtering). We also recently invested in a CatWalk equipment from Noldus company, a highly sensitive automated tool to assess gait and locomotion of rodents through the recording of their footprints when they volontarily traverse a glass plate. 
SC3M is member of SFR Sante F. Bonamy.

More information on our expertise on Imaging / Histology / Catwalk

Cell culture facility

(Scientific coordinator: S. Beck; Technical coordinator: B. Halgand)

Molecular biology facility

(Scientific coordinator: F. Jehan ; Technical coordinator: S. Sourice)

> BIO3 (Biomaterials, Biohydrogels, Biomechanics facility

(Scientific coordinator: P. Weiss; Technical coordinators: T. Rouillon & F. Loll)
We also have access to the large panel of platforms of the Federative Research Structure (SFR) François Bonamy-Inserm UMS 016/ CNRS 3556-FED4203.