Dynamic covalent hydrogels, precursors thereof and uses thereof

V. Delplace, J. Guicheux, C. Le Visage, A. Teissier
Application EP3031479 (A1)

Compositions for bone reconstruction

G. Daculsi, T. Miramond, C. Gobin
Application EP3031479 (A1)

Si-HPMC encapsulated insulin-producing cells for the treatment of type I diabetes

JM Bach, M. Mosser, A. Salama, A. Moure, X. Leveque, , Xavier, P. Weiss, J. Guicheux, C. Boyer, D. Riochet
Application WO2017081112 (A1)

Silylated biomolecule-based hydrogel for culturing cardiomyocytes and stem cells, and use of the hydrogel thereof for treating heart failure

P. Weiss, E. Matthieu, J. Guicheux, P. Lemarchand
Application WO2012164101 A1

Chondrogenic differentiation media and methods for inducing chondrogenic differentiation of cells

E. Rederstorff, C Sinquin, J Ratiskol, S. Colliec-Jouault, J. Guicheux, P. Weiss, C. Merceron
Application WO2012126824 A1

Silylated biomolecules

P. Weiss, J. Guicheux, E. Rederstorff, S  Laib, G. Réthoré
Application WO2011089267 A1

Galliated calcium phosphate biomaterials

B. Bujoli, JM Bouler, P. Janvier, I Khairoun, V. Schnitzler
Application WO2010100211 A1

Method for the silanisation of polysaccharides 

P. Weiss, J. Le Bideau, J. Recho, A. Fatimi, J. Guicheux
Application WO2010037986 A1

Gallium-doped phosphocalcic biomaterials

B. Bujoli, JM Bouler, P. Janvier, I. Khairoun, V. Schnitzler
Granted CN102405064

Bone Substitute Containing a Contrast Agent, Method For Preparing Same And Uses Thereof

Baroth S, Daculsi G, Bourges X
Granted EP2200670 B1

Comblement osseux à forte résistance mécanique

Daculsi G, Gobin C., Aguado E., Goyenvalle E
Granted FR2937872 B1

Analgesic apatitic calcium-phosphate cement

JM Bouler, R. Cavagna, O. Gauthier, P. Janvier, I. Khairoun, H. Le Guen, E. Verron
Application WO2009087148

Macroporous and highly resorbable apatitic calcium-phosphate cement

Khairoun I, Weiss P, Bouler JM
Application WO2008023254

Injectable calcium-phosphate cement releasing a bone resorption inhibitor

J.N. Argenson, J.-M. Bouler , B. Bujoli, P. Janvier, I. Khairoun
Granted EP2117612 B1

Macroporous, resorbable and injectable calcium-phosphate-based cements (MCPC) for bone repair, augmentation, regeneration, and osteoporosis treatment

I. Khairoun, R.Z. Legeros, G. Daculsi, J.-M. Bouler, J. Guicheux, O. Gauthier
Granted EP1761472 B1

Use of a hydrogel for the culture of chondrocytes

Weiss P, Guicheux J, Daculsi G, Grimandi G, Vinatier C
Granted EP1689461

Modified phosphocalcic compound, injectable composition containing same

Bujoli B, Josse S, Guicheux J, Janvier P, Bouler JM, Daculsi G
Granted EP1480687

Biomaterial composition and method for preparing same

Daculsi G, Weiss P, Dupraz A, Lapkowski M
Granted EP0843562

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