European Spine J
Collateral effects of targeting the nucleus pulposus via a transpedicular or transannular surgical route: a combined X-ray, MRI, and histological long-term descriptive study in sheep

C. Decante, J. Clouet, A. Hamel, L. Le Fournier, O. Gauthier, D. Rouleau, J. Lesoeur, B. Halgand, C. Le Visage, J. Guicheux, M. Fusellier

Eur Spine J . 2020 Sep 18 -

Advanced Healthcare
In Situ Forming, Silanized Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels with Fine Control Over Mechanical Properties and In Vivo Degradation for Tissue Engineering Applications

K. Flegeau, C. Toquet, G. Rethore, C. d'Arros, L. Messager, B. Halgand, D. Dupont, F. Autrusseau, J. Lesoeur, J. Veziers, P. Bordat, A. Bresin , J. Guicheux, V. Delplace, H. Gautier, P. Weiss

Adv Healthc Mater . 2020 Aug 31 - Download full text

Acta Biomat
Characterization of Biomaterials Intended for Use in the Nucleus Pulposus of Degenerated Intervertebral Discs

TC Schmitz, E. Salzer, JF Crispim, GT Fabra, C. LeVisage, A. Pandit, M. Tryfonidou, C. Le Maitre, K. Ito

Acta Biomater . 2020 Aug 6 - Download full text

 J Mol Endocrinol  . 2
Extracellular phosphate sensing in mammals: what do we know?

L. Beck, S. Beck-Cormier

J Mol Endocrinol . 2020 Aug 1


INSERMLaunching of the second transversal Inserm program dedicated to Aging (AGEMED 2.0)

The STEP Team is happy to announce that the second transversal Inserm program dedicated to Aging (AGEMED 2.0) will receive a 1.5 M€ grant for the next three years. This research program, coordinated by Eric Gilson (Nice), gathers 11 Research teams from Paris, 2 from Marseille and Grenoble and 1 from Montpellier and Nantes (RMeS STEP team, J.Guicheux and C. Vinatier). The long-term vision of this Inserm program on aging is to ameliorate age-related disorders, improving overall healthspan and reducing public health costs. AGEMED 2.0 will be organized around two main axis. The first axis aims at deciphering the cell senescence code to improve healthspan in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and osteoarthritis. The second axis deals with integrated approaches to prevent and treat neuroaging disorders in various pre-clinical models. RMeS will receive a financial support for three years to test the efficacy of senolytic compounds in several murine models of osteoarthritis.

RecruitmentSecond-year master internship – 2020/2021

Our laboratory is recruiting a highly motivated second-year master student in the framework of the SELF'HY (Self-Healing Hydrogels for Osteoarthritis) project led by Vianney Delplace under the supervision of Catherine Le Visage. Joining a pluridisciplinary team at the interface of chemistry, biomaterials design & development, biology and bioprinting, her/his work will focus on the development and in vitro biological characterization of mini-joint models for the discovery of novel osteoarthritis (OA) treatments.Research program.


Fan YangProf. Fan Yang

From Zip lining to Lego building: Novel Hydrogels for Stem Cell-based Tissue Regeneration and Disease Modeling

University of Stanford
Jan 17, 2020, 14h30 - Amphi Landais (Dental Faculty)

Julien NicolasDr. Julien Nicolas

Advanced macromolecular engineering: from biodegradable vinyl materials to anticancer polymer prodrugs

Institut Galien Paris-Sud, CNRS UMR 8612
March 10, 2020, 11h00 - Amphi Ricordeau (Dental Faculty)

RMeS in the spotlight

Science et Vie
Régénérer le squelette : un biocomposite répare les pertes osseuses

Interview of P. Weiss

Sciences et Vie -

Le quotidien du médecin
Les cellules souches porteuses d'espoir dans les lésions dégénératives

Interview of J. Guicheux

Le Quotidien du Médecin Mai 2020 -

iPSpine Consortium iPSpine in Nantes

On Jan. 29th and 30th, the consortium iPSpine (Induced pluripotent stem cell-based therapy for spinal regeneration) meeting was held in Nantes (Passage Ste Croix) and organized by RMeS team. This 5-year project falls under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme to fund research that improves knowledge, testing, and exploitation platforms that address the future of advanced therapies in Europe. The project is coordinated by Professor Marianna Tryfonidou at Utrecht University.

New members

Yoan MoreauYoan Moreau

Yoan is an INSERM Technician. He will work on SC3M Platform

He will join our unit on October 1st 2020

Mathilde AmbrosinoMathilde Ambrosino

Mathilde Ambrosino is a PhD student. She will work on intra-articular injection of mesenchymal stem cells associated with a cytoprotective boronic hydrogel: assessment in a rabbit model of osteoarthritis.

She will join our unit on October 1st 2020
Her supervisor is Catherine Le Visage

Emilie HascoëtEmilie Hascoët

Emilie Hascoët is a PhD student and hospitalo-university assistant. She will work on characterization of inflammatory osteoclast precursors in periodontitis

She joined our unit on September 1st 2020
Her supervisor is Alexandra Cloitre

Claire de FourmestrauxClaire De Fourmestraux

Claire De Fourmestraux is a PhD student and an hospital practitioner in equine surgery. She will work on the interest of resorbable composite biomaterials in osteochondral regeneration.

She joined our unit on September 1st 2020
Her supervisors are Olivier Gauthier & Gwénola Touzot-Jourde

Marie GuicheteauMarie Guicheteau

Marie is a M2 student. She will work on understanding of the multifunctionality of PiT proteins

She joined our unit on September 14th 2020
Her supervisor is Sarah Beck

PhD defense & HDR

Audrey SmithPhD Defense of Audrey Smith

Audrey will defend his thesis on November 10th, 2020 (Amphi Ricordeau)

Cellules stromales mésenchymateuses encapsulées dans des microparticules d'alginate : conception et évaluation de leur potentiel anti-arthrosique après injection intra-articulaire chez le lapin

Directeur de thèse: C. Le Visage - Co-directeur : J. Guicheux

CyrilPhD Defense of Cyril d'Arros

Cyril will defend his thesis on October 2nd, 2020 (Amphi Ricordeau)

Développement d'un substitut osseux hautement malléable et cohésif, un nouveau concept de matrice pour la régénération osseuse

Directeur de thèse: O. Malard - Co-directeur : G. Daculsi

Sarah BeckHDR of Sarah Beck

Sarah will defend her HDR on September 30, 2020 at 2.00 pm (Amphi Ricordeau)

And among other things...

General Assembly 2018

RMeS General Assemby (Campus Gavy - St Nazaire) -
May 14th, 2018

Photo Fête de Noël
Christmas Party RMeS ! December 18th, 2017

Olympiades RMES

The 2nd Edition of the RMeS "Olympiades" has taken place on Sept. 18th, 2017. 4 teams have met in good spirits. Thanks to all the participants!