Hospital production cost of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in the treatment of depression

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European Journal of Physiology
Expression and function of Slc34 sodium-phosphate co-transporters in skeleton and teeth

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Chasing Chimeras – The elusive stable chondrogenic phenotype

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PiT1/Slc20a1 is required for endoplasmic reticulum homeostasis, chondrocyte survival and skeletal development

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Post-doc position on notochordal differentiation and stem cell-based therapy for intervertebral disc degeneration (starting from March 2019)

We recruit

A 24 months-postdoctoral position (funded by H2020 European research project iPSPINE,Coord. Marianna Tryfonidou, The Netherlands) working on iPS differentiation and regenerative medicine is available, starting from March 2019 in our research lab. Human iPSC maintenance and production will be performed in close collaboration with the DeviPS core facility (SFR François Bonamy, INSERM UMS 016, Nantes University), which is coordinated by the Dr. Laurent David (a specialist of somatic cell reprogramming, MCU-PH and coordinator of the platform). Selected candidate will work under the supervision of Dr Anne Camus, leader of “Stem Cells and Axial Skeleton Development” project in the team “skeletal physiopathology and joint regenerative medicine” headed by Jerome Guicheux. Applicants are invited to send a CV with skills and complete list of publications, a cover letter including a brief statement of past scientific experiences, achievements, name and email address of 2-3 references to Anne CAMUS, Jerome GUICHEUX and Laurent DAVID. Our job offer can be downloaded here !


Leslie AwardBioregate Award for Leslie Frapin

Congratulations to Leslie Frapin who obtained the Bioregate Award for the best oral presentation "Young Researcher" for her talk entitled : "Controlled release of biological factors for progenitor cell-mediated endogenous repair of intervertebral discs".

Prix Fondation ArthroseTilman Award for Benoit Métayer

Congratulations to Benoit Metayer who obtained the Osteoarthritis Foundation Tilman Award for his work entitled : "Development of an osteoarthritis model in humanized mice to study the therapeutic effects of encapsulated human mesenchymal stem cells".

H2020An additional Horizon 2020 European research grant for INSERM UMR 1229-RMeS towards treating chronic back pain

In 2016, the European commission invested 5.5 millions Euros in the RESPINE project to clinically address whether bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stromal cells may help solve low back pain that affects hundreds of millions of patients worldwide. The double blind phase 2b RESPINE clinical trial (P.I. Christian Jorgensen, Montpellier University Hospital; EudraCT 2017-002092-25) is now recruiting more than 100 patients in France and European countries. Jerome Guicheux (Nantes scientific coordinator, STEP Team, INSERM UMR 1229-RMeS) is a task leader in this project in charge of developing cutting-edge potency assays for the preclinical evaluation of the regenerative potential of stem cells (Cécile Boyer). Fifteen patients will be recruited at the Nantes University Hospital in the department of neurotraumatology and neurosurgery (Eric Bord). After the successful funding of RESPINE, the STEP team of the INSERM UMRS 1229-RMeS is now pleased to announce the recent selection of the H2020 iPSpine project by the European commission. iPSpine will receive an overall grant of 15 M€. This large European consortium will gather 20 international partners and will be coordinated by Marianna Tryfonidou (Utrecht University, The Netherlands). This project will officially be launched in February 2019 and it will deal with the development of advanced therapy medicinal products based on the use of biomaterials and induced-pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) towards solving intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration. Jerome Guicheux is the scientific coordinator of iPSpine workpackage (WP) 1 “iPSC development, differentiation and technologies” that gathers 7 international partners and focus on discovering innovative culture protocols for the generation of IVD cells derived from human iPSC (Anne Camus). In collaboration with the ONIRIS-national veterinary school of Nantes, the STEP team will also participate in WPs 3 and 6 respectively dedicated to (i) in vitro 3D cell culture (Catherine Le Visage, RMeS) and (ii) the first canine clinical trial related to the efficacy of the intradiscal injection of iPSC-derived regenerative cells in the treatment of low back pain (Marion Fusellier & Johann Clouet). RMeS will receive a global support of about 1.3 million Euros and will recruit 1 post-doc, 2 research assistants and 1 clinical assistant.

FRMFRM announcement

The STEP team is pleased to announce the funding of Vianney Delplace’s position by the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM) for 3 years. Using his expertise in hydrogel design, Vianney Delplace will develop innovative intra-articular cell therapies for the treatment of osteoarthritis, under the supervision of Catherine Le Visage and Jérôme Guicheux. In collaboration with Arnaud Tessier from the CEISAM laboratory (UMR CNRS 6230, Nantes), a new class of self-healing hydrogels will be designed to best mimic the biomechanical properties of native cartilages and deliver anti-inflammatory factor secreting stem cells.  

Workshops & symposia

GT Réparer l'humain
Première journée annuelle du WP3 'Interfaces cellules - environnement' - Interactions cellules / environnement : comment progresser ?

Organized by J. Sohier and other young French researchers as Vianney Delplace (RMeS)
on December 7th, 2018
LBTI - UMR5305, 7 Passage du Vercors, Lyon



Laurent DavidLaurent David, PhD

Hydrogels physiques de chitosane pour l'ingénierie tissulaire in vivo et in vitro

University Claude Bernard Lyon
November 26th, 2018, 14h30 - Amphi Ricordeau (Dental Faculty)


Elise LepeltierElise Lepeltier, PhD

Décoration en surface de nanoparticules et auto-assemblages: atteindre au plus près la cible thérapeutique

Angers University
September 18th, 2018, 11h - Meeting Room RMeS


New members

Fabien NativelFabien Nativel

Fabien is a PhD student.
He will work on mesenchymal stem cell encapsulation in hydrogels for the treatment of osteoarthritis

He joined our unit on Nov. 5th 2018
His supervisors are Catherine Le Visage and Jérôme Guicheux

Brian Le MoalBrian Le Moal

Brian is a PhD student.
He will work on the development of nanoplatforms to vectorize biologic factors to treat intervertebral disc degeneration.

He joined our unit on Oct. 1st 2018
His supervisor is Johann Clouet

Anaïs DefoisAnaïs Defois

Anaïs is a PhD student.
She will work on the GenOA project : "Gene therapy for OsteoArthritis: controlled expression of anti-geronic factors"

She joined our unit on Oct. 1st 2018
Her supervisors are Y. Maugars and C. Vinatier

Francois lollFrançois Loll

François is an INSERM Engineer. He will work on BIO3 Platform (Biomaterials, Biohydrogels, Biomechanics facility) and, more particularly, on characterization of hydrogels. He will also be involved in implementing novel fabrication technologies, such as electrospinning and micromolding technologies.

He joined our unit on Oct. 1st 2018

PhD defense & HDR

Maude GluaisPhD Defense of Maude Gluais

Maude Gluais will defend her thesis on December 18, 2018, at 14.00 pm (Amphi Denis Escande, IRS-UN)

Mise au point et évaluation de biomatériaux électrospinés pour la régénération de l’Annulus fibrosus

Directeur de thèse: C. Le Visage- Co-directeurs : J. Guicheux et J. Clouet

Amadou TourePhD Defense of Amadou Toure

Amadou Toure will defend her thesis on December 19, 2018, at 9.30 am (Amphi Ricordeau, Dental Faculty)

Contribution au développement de substituts osseux auto-réticulants en ingénierie tissulaire osseuse maxillo-faciale

Directeur de thèse: P. Weiss - Co-directeur : B. Giumelli

Alexandra CloitrePhD Defense of Alexandra Cloitre

Alexandra Cloitre will defend her thesis on December 19, 2018, at 1.30 pm (Amphi Ricordeau, Dental Faculty)

La destruction osseuse parodontale : physiopathogénie et rôle des nouvelles interleukines

Directeur de thèse: P. Lesclous - Co-directeur : V. Geoffroy

And among other things...

General Assembly 2018
RMeS General Assemby (Campus Gavy - St Nazaire) -
May 14th, 2018

Photo Fête de Noël
Christmas Party RMeS ! December 18th, 2017

Olympiades RMES

The 2nd Edition of the RMeS "Olympiades" has taken place on Sept. 18th, 2017. 4 teams have met in good spirits. Thanks to all the participants!