arbres 2021 Planting of 53 trees by the RMeS U1229 laboratory as part of a "Green Lab" approach in 2021


Establishment of a "Green Lab" approach in the laboratory.  After a first lab meeting in October 2018, we set up an ecologic policy to raise awareness among staff and to put ecological reasoning into concrete action in the laboratory through simple actions. The main goal is to think about improving waste management, recycling and the use of our facilities and equipment. In an effort to share and improve these practices, you can download the "Green Lab" charter that we have set up on this page. For more information and for people interested in sharing their laboratory practices, you can contact RMeS Committee : .

Présentation Séminaire Green Lab (17 octobre 2019)

Planting of 66 trees by the RMeS U1229 laboratory as part of a "Green Lab" approach.  Since the end of 2018, our laboratory is committed in an eco-responsible approach. To continue our actions, the laboratory has decided that for each international publication, a tree will be planted. Sixty-six publications were released in 2019 by our researchers, thus 66 trees were planted via the company ReforestAction at the beginning of this year. Thanks to this action, 10 tons of CO2 can be stored, 198 animal shelters, 264 months of oxygen and 66 working hours are generated. For more information and for those interested, you can contact Nina Bon, Research Engineer (U1229) and/or visit the website